bow hospital

please read + follow instructions carefully

thanks for considering our bow hospital service! 

here's how it works:

each month we allow a certain amount of bows to enter the 'bow hospital'. once we reach capacity for the month the website will state that we are full.

to apply:

please fill out our application form below, making sure to submit a clear photo of the bows you would like to send in, that way we can quickly access if they can be repaired or not. please note: not all bows can be switched to clips and/or repaired.

once your application is received we will respond with which bows to mail in, an invoice for the price of repair (price dependent on what needs to be done) and instructions for shipping.

*please note since the bows have to be fully taken apart and reassembled there is a risk that once the bow is unassembled, it may not be able to be reassembled. fourth+pierce is not liable unrepairable product + reserves the right to refuse repair at anytime.