skincare favorites // spring 2021

happy almost spring!

today i am dropping in to show you some of my favorite, tried + true skincare products.  below are the products i use in my actual daily routine (most i've been using for years).  i love some of them so much i may never swap, ha! i definitely don't have perfect skin, (does anyone really?) but it is a heck of a lot better than it was before.  if you have any questions let me know!

oh also! the products are numbered in the order i use them for am / pm routine.




1 // this one is for the diy lover. i've been making my own skincare products for years now + will FOREVER love this facewash. once you have all the products on hand you can make SO many refills, it's such good bang for your buck. (see recipe below and all links)

2 // paulas choice bha : like i said previously i've been using some of these products for a very long time, this one in particular is a game changer. after i get out of the shower, i liberally apply to my skin (patting on). (currently 15% off sitewide)

3 // elf glow : definitely not the fanciest product in the bunch, but i love the glow, been using for 3-4 years now. once the BHA has dried a bit, i apply 1 pump of this moisturizer.

4 // glossier futuredew : (10% off automatically applied if you click link) if you don't like dewy skin you might want to skip this one. i apply 1 pump once the previous two products are absorbed into my skin.

5 // drmtlgy universal tinted moisturizer : typically i wait about 5 minutes for my skincare to sink in before i apply this last bit. i use two pumps and do a mix of patting into the skin and rubbing in. i have only had this product for about 2 weeks, but so far i really like it. the coverage is MINIMAL, like VERY minimal but i like it for that reason.

6 // glossier boy brow : comb those brows! i have my eyebrows microbladed but they definitely still need a comb every morning. so far i've tried the boy brow, and the beautycounter version of this type of product and i like the boybrow better.

i follow this with under eye concealer and mascara (well honestly rarely mascara) for daily at home wear.


NIGHT TIME ROUTINE after i put kids to bed

7 // wash my face with same same diy facewash

8 // the ordinary glycolic acid : just started using this toner off another persons recommendation and so far, so good. i apply with a cotton pad.

9 // the ordinary vitamin c :  i LOVE THIS vitamin c - i've tried others and nothing compares, i've been using this for a few years now and never looked back. also the price on these ordinary products are incredible. this product is a little gritty when applied.

10 // beauty counter peel :  i'll be honest i don't LOVE many things i've tried from beautycounter, but this product is essential in my routine. there’s no product i’ve found that i can even consider a dupe to this. i've used this every night for 3ish years. you will 100% glow the next morning.

11 // after all the other goodies i then again apply one pump of the oil all over my face

12 // aquaphor : smother lips with aquaphor before bed!



13 // the ordinary aha / bha mask : this AHA/BHA mask is gold! i apply once per week, it helps with EVERYTHING.

14 // musely - spot cream : after my second kid was blessed with some pretty gross melasma. i tried EVERY "safe" "natural" topical and even oral cure there was, but nothing helped. some not even a tiny bit. finally after having my third girl i just wanted it gone so i tried musely after seeing ads on instagram. you have to get a online prescription through their website and then order what they prescribe. so thats what i did and this stuff WORKS. i definitely do NOT use this weekly, and i only use it on affected areas but typically it only takes a couple uses and a lot of my melasma fades. during the time of use theres a bit of redness + alotttttt of skin shedding. if you have melasma + have tried everything, definitely give this a try.


if you are buying any of these products and don't typically put acids on your skin i would take it slow. maybe start 3x a week then 4x etc. i have been using most of these products for years now and had to take it slow when i first started. i will list the "recipe" for the diy facewash below.  i hope you find some favorites in this post.


facewash DIY 

what you will need:

- 2 oz amber bottle with dropper

- hemp seed oil

- 10 drops lavender

- 10 drops copaiba

- 20 drops frankincense 

- 10 drops geranium 

- 10 drops elemi

- 10 drops blue tansy (optional)

first drop all essential oil into amber bottle then top off with hemp oil. make sure to gently swish before use. thats it! super easy.